Jeep and Camel Safaris

Jeep and Camel Safaris

Some activities that can be experienced in the dunes to be enjoyed by many are jeep safaris and camel safaris. Start the experience on a Jeep Safari with 3-4 more tourist passengers. The ride is one hell of a trip towards another sand dune which is 5 kilometers far from the Sam Sand Dunes. It is definitely a desert adrenaline rush as the time the driver accelerates power driving in the Thar Desert like a drunken man, and then descends on the sideways.

The driver will do this for quite a while, so get hold of your seats, literally, while at it. It is all fun and all even if it gets too one mighty tough ride; there will always be uncontrollable laughter going on around that will last the whole trip as well as churning stomach and jolted intestines from being asleep.

When the Jeep stops, it is time to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the desert which has not a lot of tourists in it. Tourists can walk and run on the sand, or even slide on the elevated slopes for more adventurous thrill. It is best to do Jeep Safari is around 4-5 PM, when the sun is sets. It is also a good time to drink a cup of tea while falling in love with the scenery.

The Camel Safari should be the next escapade after the Jeep Safari. It is offered either short ride of only half a kilometer or longer ones of 3 kilometers. Sam Sand Dunes has a superb sweeping dunes stretch and zero vegetation, the greatest ways of getting to the place is by a camelback ride that can be enjoyed with other tourists doing a Rajasthani tour from a local tour operator, and enjoy the stunning landscapes of troughs and crests.

Part of the package is to ride the camel for the whole time with the guidance of the owners themselves. It is a memorable experience while exploring and enjoying the beauty of the landscape ahead. Revel yourself in the romantic seclusion while your camel gets you into the depth of the Thar Desert.

Another enthralling sight is the dung beetle which is on a much lesser scale. Learn more about the dunes through these industrious insects that rolls on dung lumps which are two times their size.

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