Jaisalmer Tour Package

How to book a real Jaisalmer tour package

A normal Jaisalmer tour package is for 3 Nights/ 2 days which includes Sightseeing tour of Jaisalmer, Desert safari tours on camel or jeep and complete transportation and 1 night accommodation in Jaisalmer Hotel and Jaisalmer desert camp.

How to reach Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer-Trains-and-FlightsReaching Jaisalmer is easy. The best option will be to catch a train and to book one, just create an account at IRCTC.co.in and book your tickets. If you are looking for trains from cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. then early ticket booking is suggested as there aren’t many trains to Jaisalmer from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Anther option to reach Jaisalmer is via flight, but Jaisalmer doesn’t has an airport. So here you have to book a flight till Jodhpur, which is 5-hour road journey from Jaisalmer. Flight tickets can be booked from airlines sites like book.goindigo.in, jetairways.com, spicejet.com, etc.

Bus service is also available from Jaisalmer, and you can check redbus.in to know whether there is any bus service from your City to Jaisalmer.

where to stay in Jaisalmer


In a 2 Nights, 3 days trip you need accommodation for two nights. So on day 1 you can stay in a Hotel, Resort or a guest house and 2nd day at Camp (or city if you are low on budget). Suggested ones are:

  1. Fort Rajwada (Heritage Hotel)
  2. The Gulal Hotel (Luxury Hotel)
  3. Jasmin Home (Guest House)
  4. Helsinki House (Guest House)
  5. Hotel Sohan Deep (Budget Hotel)

So on Day 1 you can enjoy half day sightseeing tour of Jaisalmer where you can explore Heritage Haveli’s and enjoy puppet show by evening at Gadisar lake.

Next day go for a morning sightseeing tour of Jaisalmer, and 1st place which you should explore must be the UNESCO World Heritage city of Jaisalmer Fort. The Fort alone will take 2-3 hours to explore completely and its worth it. This not just a fort, bot more like a city as 25% of Jaisalmer population still live in the fort.

Then after lunch you should drive towards Sam sand dunes to enjoy Desert Safari (camel or Jeep), experience the famous desert sunset of Jaisalmer (an amazing view), enjoy 2 hours musical & dance program at desert camps. So now you can either stay in the desert by booking ac accommodation at a camp (there are some nice ones) or head back to Jaisalmer city to stay in the hotel.

For Desert Resorts we suggest:

  1. Royal Desert Camp
  2. Rajputana Desert Camp
  3. The Serai
  4. Dangri Desert Camp
  5. Heritage Queen

On day 3 morning, if you are still in desert then check out from the camp and head back towards the city while stooping at two destinations. These are – haunted village of Kuldhara and Khaba Fort. And after dinner, you can either do some shopping at Gandhi market and catch a train home as with this our tour of Jaisalmer is finished.

Where to book taxi or car for Jaisalmer and Sam sand dune (desert)


There are many tour and travel firms in Jaisalmer which offer quality service in terms of car hire service for Jaisalmer Sightseeing tour, trip to Sam sand dunes and also for advance booking of camel and jeep safari tours. A few noted ones are:

  1. Royal Tours (Unit of Fort Rajwada)
  2. Chetram Voyages
  3. Jaisalmer Tour Package. In Taxi service
  4. The Indian Maharaja
  5. Rajputana Cabs (Jaisalmer unit)

Scams of Jaisalmer


Well, scams are everywhere, but Jaisalmer scams are unique. But then again they are not dangerous as the one which is occurring in the main urban cities.

If you are arriving at Jaisalmer by bus, then you will see that many tour guides will welcome you in sweet tome for accommodation, taxi, etc. Now they are not tour guides; they are what we call “Lapka” (cheater in Rajasthani). Now if you tell these Lapka’s that you have already booked a hotel or guest house then, they will try to get the name of that hotel and will say that they can offer the same quality of hotel for like INR 200, sometimes for INR 50.

The goal here is to bring you in a hotel which cost like 500-800 and later sell you tour for desert safari or desert camps. And if you don’t buy any activity then you have to pay the regular room price (500-800).

And if you are traveling via train to Jaisalmer then you will find these Lapka’s from Jodhpur railway station, suggesting hotels for INR 50-200 and desert camps for INR 1000 which is like super cheap. A standard hotel in Jaisalmer cost between 800-1000 and desert camp cost 3000-5000.

contact form more details at 9649828899 (Mr Singh)

There are many stories on Jaisalmer scams, and I will suggest you to check out these posts.